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We not only offer the best Forex MT4 copy trading platform in UK but also take the pressure out of both manual and signal trading. Our proprietary “Matrix Trader Bot” has zero human emotion when it comes to trade execution, management and risk. Trading with emotion can affect your trading performance, emotion might encourage you to hold on to a losing trade for longer than you should because you don’t want to realise the loss, or encourage you to dive into a reckless trade too quickly after riding high off a recent big win using your manual strategy. Then reverting to “hope” as a backup strategy.

Copy trading is a process where we link your MT4 account to our Matrix Trader Bot. Our trading Forex autopilot robot is coded, so when a set of parameters meet a specific set of conditions in the FX market place a trade or series of trades are triggered. Our Bot automatically places these trades on both our master trading account and your trading account simultaneously.

Our Bot follows the trading strategies, developed by our mentor well over 30 years ago and at 85 is still manually trading these strategies today. He developed these algorithmic trading strategies over the years by studying technical analysis of the FX market, when the charts themselves were only available to draw on paper.

The strategies have proven themselves repeatedly during all market cycles, events and flash crashes. The strategies took us years to automate with lots of sacrifices along the way.

Our Bot is constantly monitored and constantly optimised as market conditions change to give you the best return with low drawdown. It's always connected to a dedicated private and secure server, which is live 24/5. So, it never misses a trade.

We also provide a unique “Safe Balance” feature so you can choose your max drawn down tolerance to avoid unexpected market events, so your account is protected. We also provide you with our custom “Matrix Trader App” so you can monitor your account as it happens.

As building a complex trading algorithm from scratch is quite complicated. We have made it quite easy for you to copy, with a low starting balance, simple and a hassle-free setup with affordable subscription packages. You also have free access to our Matrix Trader App or algorithmic Forex copy trading software and owner’s portal, to manage your account. So just jump on our coattails now and never miss a trade opportunity, subscribe today and “Lets Profit Together”.

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The Matrix Trader System is managed and continually adjusted to market conditions for optimal returns.This is what sets us apart from anything else in the market.

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